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Finance refers to your money and Style is a form of personal expression – so what’s your Financial Style?

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The Presenter

Hey, I’m Merisha.

I’m passionate about fitness, femininity and financial freedom.

I’ve been in the game for 20 years; and despite holding many titles during this time, at my core I’m a Business and Financial Strategist. This means that I use my wealth of knowledge about business and finance to help organisations and individuals make money. Sometimes it’s through consultancy, on occasion through training / coaching and in some instances as an Executive Board Member. 

I created the Financial Style show 14 years ago, to help me find answers. As a young entrepreneur trying to find my feet in business, I struggled. Making money was sporadic and often stressful, and running a business was no fun at all.

I looked for a place where I could gain information in an accessible way, and when I drew a blank, the Financial Style was born. Not just a business show, this programme to a place to manage your money, challenge your mindset and gain inspiration from the successes and stories of others. 

I have learned so much over the years, and I truly hope that you do too! 

Merisha Stevenson

Merisha Stevenson

Financial Strategist

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